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FinalCut X + Abandonment feelings = Adobe Discounts

July 5, 2011

Adobe respond to the release of Final Cut X with 50% discount on both Adobe Premiere cs5.5 and Production Premium suite cs 5.5 also 80% discount for Student and Teacher Editions.


Creative Cringe

May 23, 2011

I’m not sure where I picked it up but when I hear  the words he/she is a “creative”.  I want to burn my ears off.

That is all_

KING Modo- Die and Dance

May 14, 2011

Remarkable work from some friends. King Modo

Brain food

May 13, 2011

Upon my daily visit to (my lunchtime viewing plesure)
I came across a concept in a talk by  Eli Pariser on Filter Bubbles, during his presentation he touched on a subject he labeled “Brain Food”, an interesting way to look at your information digest i thought.

The concept

Look at content you choose to occupy your time with in all forms, analize its value and classify it under headings or groups that you would use to classify food, more appropriately its nutritional value to your body.

You have basically got


I’m pretty sure its universally understood what to much or too little of these food groups can do to your physical well-being, It seems to make logical sense that the same would apply when digesting information.

hmmmm Brain food,

Do you have the balance just right ?


September 15, 2010


I just stumbled across These guys on Vimeo and after finaly working out how to embed from vimeo


EVERYONE FOREVER NOW is an episodic motion-based media project. It is an examination of the collective wisdom and expression of human actions.”